Katherine Di Turi
Caracas, Venezuela
Lives and works in London

1998-2000 MFA Fine Art Media, Slade School of Fine Art, London
1992-1997 Fine Art Degree, Armando Reverón Institute, Caracas
1988-1993 Media Studies Degree, Andres Bello University, Caracas

Love to Give, Fundana Charity Auction, Ciudad Banesco, Caracas
Por una sonrisa, Charity Auction, San Juan de Dios Foundation, Caracas
Group Show #52: Alternative Facts, curated by Jon Feinstein, Humble Arts Foundation, New York
Art on Paper Art Fair, M E N Gallery, New York
Sluice Fundraiser, Division of Labour, London

Objetual curated by Susana Benko, CAI, Caracas
Ecco Domus curated by Enrico Gomez, Art House, New Jersey

Above and below the waterline, Satellite Show, Miami Beach
Ch.ACO art fair, Cecilia Brunson Projects, Santiago de Chile
Secret Artbox Postcard, Fold Gallery, London
The JHB Archive, curated by Jo Gane, BOM, Birminghan
The Missing Chapter, curated by Charlie Levine, Bargehouse, London

Sluice Art Fair Auction, The Hospital Club, London
Alter, with text by curator Alba Colomo, Candelaria Art,
Chiltern Street Gallery, London
London Open House, Pullman Court, London

Sluice Art Fair, 47/49 Tanner Street, Bermondsey, London
4, rue des Matelots, curated by Square Art Projects, Arles
Fotofia, Guardar como... La fotografía venezolana en la era digital,
curated by Lisa Blackmore, FIA 2013, Caracas

Unpublished #4 Magazine, Le Dictateur, Milan
8 Egerton Garden Mews, Square Art Projects, London
31 Women in Art Photography, curated by Natalia Sacasa and
Jon Feinstein, Humble Arts Foundation / Hasted Kraeutler Gallery, New York
Photo Opportunity, Maddox Arts, London
Paramito, Square Art Projects, Sebucán, Caracas

Neverland: Bid in Absence (SOLO)
Tiendaderecha, Barcelona
Works on Paper, Fernando Zubillaga Gallery, Centro de Arte
Los Galpones, Caracas
59 Photographers O.F.N.I., Valid Foto Gallery, Barcelona

Serrana Estate, (SOLO) curated by Natasha Christia, Kowasa Gallery,

Glamorous Day-Dream, (SOLO) with accompanying text by curator
Natasha Christia, Square Art Projects, Barcelona
10è Fòrum Fotògrafic Can Basté, Can Basté Centre, Barcelona

Large Format Photography in Urban Spaces, Imaginaria
Festival, allocated public spaces of Castellón
Instantáneas con Mirada de Mujer, Federico García Lorca
Cultural Centre, Madrid
Women and Photography, Cartagena Regional Assembly,

Outlines, Square Art Projects, Barcelona
Mountain Traces, Sala Noa, Barcelona
Pretty Big Wall, Square Art Projects, Barcelona

X Salón Internacional del Grabado Estampa, Feria de Madrid, Madrid

Katherine Di Turi is a founder and co-director with Piers Veness
of Square Art Projects, a nomadic project that presents contemporary
art exhibitions in non-gallery spaces.

Swab Art Fair, Swab Seed Section curated by David Armengol,Barcelona
Me volví mala, solo Show by Blanca Haddad, Nau Bostik, Barcelona

Above and below the waterline, Satellite Show Miami,
Ocean Terrace Hotel, Miami Beach
Sluice Art Fair The Bargehouse, London
Off the Shelf, artists publication Fair, I’klectik, London

Art Licks x V&A, part of Friday Late at The Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Sluice Art Fair, 47-49 Tanner Street, Bermondsey, London
Vereda Tropical, video screening, Art Licks Weekend, London
4, rue des Matelots, group show, Arles, France
Astúries 15, group show, Carrer d’Astúries 15, Barcelona

8 Egerton Garden Mews, group show, South Kensington, London
Paramito, group show, Sebucán, Caracas

Works on Paper, group show, Fernando Zubillaga Gallery,
The Plantation, solo show by Simon Zabell, Square Art Projects, Barcelona

La Fuente Mágica, solo show by Jutta Immenkötter, Square Art Projects, Barcelona
Métodos, solo show by Daniel Jacoby , Square Art Projects, Barcelona

Glamorous day-dream, solo show by Katherine Di Turi, Square
Art Projects, Barcelona
Army, solo show by Piers Veness, Square Art Projects, Barcelona

Aeropornomancias, solo show by Gabriel Morera, Square Art
Projects, Barcelona
Viridae, solo show by Ivan Larra, Square Art Projects, Barcelona

Trans, solo show by Blanca Haddad, Square Art Projects,

Pretty Big Wall, group show, Square Art Projects, Barcelona
Outlines, group show, Square Art Projects, Barcelona

2016 Show Catalogue 'Objetual', Caracas
2014 Show Catalogue Alter, London
Yet Magazine, Editorial, Art of Glass
2013 FotoFia, Guardar como...Venezuelan Photography in the
digital age
2012 Unpublished Magazine #4
2010 Wink Magazine 4: Collaboration, pg 42-53, New York
2007 Show Catalogue, V Concurso de Fotografía de Gran Formato en
el espacio Urbano, Castellón.
Show Catalogue, Instantáneas con Mirada de Mujer, Madrid.
2002 Show Catalogue X Salón Internacional del Grabado y Ediciones
de Arte Contemporáneo ESTAMPA, Madrid, p. 104,105.
1996 Show Catalogue La mirada diversa: exposición de los alumnos
de la primera Promoción del Instituto Armando Reverón.Ministerio de Educación; CONAC;
Museo Jacobo Borges; IUESAPAR, Caracas